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December 03, 2009

80+ Official Google Accounts On Twitter You Might Not Know

Google is on Twitter and as such you might be interested to know the official Google Accounts on Twitter. The story provides the list of 80+ twitter accounts. Get the latest updates on whats happening in Google. This post provides the complete list of official Google accounts on Twitter,

Official Google Accounts on Twitter

  1. @Google - News & updates from across the company
  2. @Google Research - Updates on the latest research from Google
  3. @Google Public Policy - News from Google's public policy team
  4. @Google Wave - News, tips and tales of Google Wave
  5. @Google Building Maker - News from the Building Maker team
  6. @Blogger in Draft - For Blogger's experimental features
  7. @Blogger - Follow Blogger on Twitter
  8. @FeedBurner - Content distribution beyond the browser.
  9. @GoogleAtWork - The official Twitter home of Google Enterprise
  10. @Google Books - Popular passages, images and more from the Google Books team
  11. @Google Calendar - Follow Google Calendar on Twitter
  12. @Google Contacts - A place to import, store and view all the contact info that's important to you
  13. @Google Custom Search - Harness the power of Google to create a custom search engine (CSE) for your sites
  14. @Google Images - Google Images updates on all things visual
  15. @Google Knol - News, tips and tricks from the Knol team
  16. @Google Mobile App - Info & updates for Google mobile
  17. @Google News - Fresh headlines via Google News
  18. @Google News Japan - Fresh headlines via Google News - Japan
  19. @Google Reader - News, tips and tricks from the Google Reader team
  20. @Google Sidewiki - Contribute helpful information to any web page
  21. @Google Sites - The easy way to collaborate on group websites
  22. @Google Students - Google news and updates especially for students
  23. @Google Toolbar - Take the power of Google anywhere on the web
  24. @Google Voice - News from the Google Voice team
  25. @iGoogle - News & notes from Google's personalized homepage
  26. @Internet Bus - Explore the world of the Internet with Google's Internet Bus Project (India)
  27. @Public Sector UK - Managing online marketing campaigns to raise awareness, inform and drive results for UK Public Sector clients.
  28. @YouTube - For YouTube fans
  29. @YouTube Espanol - Twitter oficial de YouTube en español
  30. @Google Webmaster Central - Tips for webmasters
  31. @3D Warehouse - News and updates for the Google 3D Warehouse
  32. @Google Earth - News & tips for using Google Earth
  33. @Google Earth Outreach - Earth & Maps tools for nonprofits & organizations
  34. @Google Maps - News, tips & candid tales from Google Maps
  35. @Model Your Town with SketchUp - 3D modeling to build your favorite places
  36. @Google SketchUp - 3D modeling tool
  37. @Google Sky Map - Android app for viewing the night sky
  38. @AdWords API - Developer news and updates for the AdWords API
  39. @App Engine - Updates from Google App Engine
  40. @Data Liberation - Making it easier for you to move your data in or out of Google products
  41. @Google Code - Google developer product updates: App Engine, GWT, OpenSocial, Android, AJAX & Data APIs, Wave, more
  42. @Google Code Jam - News about coding competitions
  43. @Google Code Jam JP - News about Code Jam Japan
  44. @Google Data - News and updates for the Google Data APIs
  45. @Google APAC Developers - Info for developers in the Asia Pacific region
  46. @Google I/O - Google's largest annual developer event
  47. @Google Maps API - Using Google Maps embedded in websites
  48. @Google Brasil - Google activities & updates for Brasil
  49. @Google Canada - News from Google Canada
  50. @Google Down Under - News from Google in Australia & New Zealand
  51. @Google Germany - News from Google Germany
  52. @Google Italy - Policy - Policy news for Google Italia
  53. @Google Korea - Google updates for Korean users
  54. @Google Latin America - Google in Latin America (espanol)
  55. @Google Mexico - News from Google Mexico (espanol)
  56. @Google Netherlands - News on Google in the Netherlands
  57. @Google Russia - Google
  58. @AdWordsFR - Toute l'info pour les professionnels AdWords, en Français
  59. @AdWords Helper - On the lookout for AdWords questions and tech issues
  60. @AdWords Pro Sarah - Support from a Help Forum Guide
  61. @Google AdBuilder - Get updates and give feedback on the AdWords Display Ad Builder
  62. @Google Analytics - Insights for website effectiveness
  63. @Google Creative Sandbox - Creative ideas for ad agencies
  64. @Google TV Ads - About more measurable TV advertising
  65. @Google Auto (vertical) - News for automotive advertisers
  66. @Google Financial Services (vertical) - News for financial services advertisers
  67. @Google Media & Entertainment (vertical) - News for media & entertainment advertisers
  68. @Google Retail (vertical) - News for retail advertisers
  69. @Google Tech (vertical) - News for tech advertisers
  70. @Google Travel (vertical) - News for travel advertisers
  71. @Google Travel UK (vertical) - News for UK travel advertisers
  72. @Google Technology UK - News for UK tech advertisers
  73. @Google UK Retail (vertical) - News for UK retail advertisers
  74. @Google AdWords - German - AdWords news for German marketers
  75. @Google AdWords - LatAm - Twit oficial de AdWordsLatam
  76. @Google AdWords - Russia - AdWords news for Russian marketers
  77. @Google AdWords - Espanol - La cuenta oficial de AdWords en Español
  78. @Google Agency - Germany - Updates for marketers in German & English
  79. @Blog DoAdwords - News from Google AdWords Brasil
  80. @Google Agencias - Google ad news for Latin American agencies
  81. @Google AdSense - Fresh, bite-sized news for website publishers
  82. @Google Ad Manager - News on managing online ad sales and inventory
  83. @Google Affiliate Network - News for publishers from the Google ads network
  84. @Google AdSense - Korean - AdSense updates for Korean publishers
  85. @Google AdSense - Portuguese - AdSense publisher updates in Portuguese
  86. @Google Talks - Updates & videos from the @Google speaker series
  87. @Google Jobs - Information about jobs and life at Google


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