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December 01, 2009

9 Types of Blogging

Do you what is a blog and how many types of blogs are there. I guess you may know a bit, but for those who are not aware of it, there are 9 different types of blogs, which can be distinguished based on the type of content they publish. Let me start of with the definition of blogging.

What is Blogging?
Blogging is the act of posting content on a blog / a Web log / online journal. It is also posting comments on someone else's blog. Blogging is the most popular activity today on the internet, as it allows people to interact with each other at any point of time.

9 Types of Blogging

The different types of blogging existing can be discussed as follows:

1. Blog: A blog is a Web page that serves as an accessible personal journal for an individual. The blogger can do detailed postings on a particular topic. Few blogs provide series of posts of particular topic. A blog can be hosted using software like Wordpress.org, it can also hosted using a third party service provided by Google i.e. blogger.com

2. Microblog: A blog that contains brief entries or short text messages about an individual’s daily activities. It can also be related to a company. A brief message to keep friends and colleagues up-to-date. This can include, small images, audio and video clips, etc.

3. Miniblog: A blog with reasonable amount of content in a post from third party vs. creating original content. Most of the times, these blog posts are shorter than the regular posts.

4. Moblog: The blog that receives content from mobile phone / device Example: Flickr

5. Videoblog: A video blog is also known as vlog. It contains video content. Video recording is offered in video formats like mp4, wmv and served as an enclosure in RSS feed. Example: YouTube.

6. Podcast: Audio recording, mostly in MP3 format and served through RSS feed enclosure. Example: Odeo

7. Linkblog: is a collection of hyperlinks that the blogger considers interesting enough to collect. These can be shared to others, based on individual’s interest.

8. Liveblog: A blog that gives up-to-date information about current events, graphics / video. This can help people looking for day-to-day events and other latest information.

9. Tumbleblog: can be considered as scrapbooks. Tumbleblogs are extremely good for people who don’t have time to maintain a traditional blog or for those who can’t post, lengthy blog posts. The ways to publish a tumbleblog are through a. Ozimodo b. Tumblr. It has six types of posts: traditional blog post, a photo post, a quote post, link, a conversation post and video post.

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