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December 15, 2009

Google Offers Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Business

This festive season Google has taken initiative to help its fellow merchants to promote their business by providing the top 10 ways to get their business ready for the rush for the festive season

Use the following points and have a data driven holidays, here are the same;

Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Business

1. Use Search Based Keyword Tool
Use the search-based keyword tool to find keywords that you never thought of incorporating into your campaign for the holidays.

2. Use Google Insights for Search
Use Insights for Search to know what the “Rising Searches” are and understand how people are searching for your brand.

3. Use Google Ad Planner for Site Search
Use Google Ad Planner to see who is looking for your website.

4. Use Google Ad Planner for Audience Search
Check where your audience is actually going by using Google ad planner for audience search.

5. Create new campaigns via Google Adwords
Create new AdWords campaigns for your holiday lines and products. Keep in mind the trends you found on Insights for Search while incorporating new keywords.

6. Testing
Test your AdWords campaigns by introducing new holiday promotions.

7. Use Google Analytics
Use Google Analytics to better understand where your traffic is coming from during the holiday season. Keep a track of who's coming to your website, when they're coming and where they're coming from.

8. Analyze Your Visitors
How long people are staying on your website? What is the bounce rate? What are the exit pages?

9. Use Website Optimizer
Check the performance of your website using Website Optimizer. Check your landing pages, ads, images etc

10. Test different versions of your purchase page
Test different versions of your purchase page to find out what works best. Change the "purchase" button on your webpage. Pick different colors — bright versus dark colors — and vary the button sizes. Try out different text on your button. See which of these variations lead to the most clicks to conversions.

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