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January 04, 2009

The SEO Blog - SEO Tutorials 9

The Lesson - 9 of the SEO Tutorials

The lesson 9 of the SEO Blog's Tutorials will provide more tips on some of the SEO techniques, starting from creating RSS Feeds for your website, to creating a customized 404 error page for your website. Check SEO Glossary for more details for the meaning of the SEO Terms. Learn SEO by reading the free Search Engine Optimization Tutorials at the SEO Blog, and enhance your knowledge. Start doing SEO on your own.

Learn how to create RSS Feeds for your website

Written by SEO Blog

RSS Feeds is a great way to circulate your content via, web. Learn how to create one for your website [..]

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Create a customized 404 - error page from your own website

Written by SEO Blog

The 404 Error Page or typically speaking the "PAGE NOT FOUND" error message is an HTTP standard response code, which indicates that the user was able to communicate to the server, but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request [..]

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Want to create tables in your blogger post? Learn how to do it!

Written by SEO Blog

Almost everyone has a blog, and does post regularly. But when it comes to creating tables in the blog (especially blogger) then one faces lot of problems. There are the following things which comes in picture while creating a table in a blog [..]

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