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October 25, 2009

How to get 15 backlinks for your website in 15 minutes

To many of you the title may look spamy, but this is to provide a good resource for getting link backs to your website.

Link Building is one of the important step for website promotion and as such getting link back to your site becomes important as having a good content, a good design and proper marketing for your website. Gaining popularity and getting found on the web search results is the main concern for any of the businesses online. As such getting links to the website becomes a necessary tasks.

Obtaining backlinks for your website is the most important task, other than optimizing the site. When it comes to obtaining backlinks for your site, it becomes sometimes unstructured and sometimes quite tedious. As such follow the below mentioned points to quickly obtain backlinks for your website. Here you will find the places where you can get 15 link back to your website in almost 15 minutes.

15 Backlinks in the next 15 Minutes

1) Twitter

Twitter is the darling of the social networking websites. It is one of the best micro-blogging tool available now. All you need to do is create an account, write down the purpose of the profile in bio, put a link to your website and start building your stats in twitter. You can further optimize your twitter profile also.

2) Squidoo

The way squidoo works is different. Squidoo provides the opportunity to create lenses (or pages) for your particular topics wherein you can provide the description in your bio along with the link to your website. You can also provide the link to your website in the squidoo lense.

3) Facebook

No doubts is one of the best social networking website. It allows you to create business pages, groups. You have the option to promote your pages.

4) LinkedIn

is a social networking website for professionals. It has a unique way for profile listings. You need to create an account, and then there is an option to provide upto 3-links for your website or blog. All these are dofollow links and are a great way to get link back to your website.

5) Mixx

is a social news networking website some what similar to digg. Create your profile and provide a link to your website.

6) About Us.Org

No doubts Aboutus.org is one of the most trusted website by Google. It's always better to create an Aboutus.org page for your business.

7) Wikipedia

Wikipedia is another very important encyclopedia which carries lot of authority on the internet. Creating a business page for wiki is a great idea, but only thing is it should not look like a business page, otherwise it won't be approved.

8) OneMission

One Mission is a user built directory, which also provides instantaneous acceptance of the website of any authority. Here the user has the choice to create the category as per the relevance of the website. User registration is required, in order to create category and list the website in the directory.

9) Jayde

Jayde is a B2B search engine and one of the oldest business directory, which offers website listing. The submission is almost instantaneous and all the websites, either new or the established ones find the place in the directory.

10) Wikidweb

WikidWeb is one of the most popular free directory which provides user with the business listing as per the category, and tags to identify the business. A user registration is required in order to list the website. The listing here also is instantaneous.

11) Search-O-Rama

Search-O-Rama also provides free listing for websites, and takes around 1-week for making the listings live.

12) Google Local

Getting the business verified in the Google local search prov

13) Yahoo Local

Getting listed in Yahoo's local search helps you getting found in your niche. It's one of the best way to promote the business locally.

There are some news feed readers which are also a great source for displaying your content and helps in website promotion. The only thing with them is either your site is a news site which updates daily or you have a blog.

14) The Daily Reviewer

Provides the news feed for a website or a blog. All you need to do is sign up for an account and submit your site's feed to the appropriate category. The listing is almost instantanous.

15) AllTop

AllTop is another very popular news feed reader. It displays the news in the appropriate categories. Sign up for your account and submit the feed in the appropriate category. The submission is not instantaneous and requires at least 2-weeks for the same.


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Yes Doshi, press release is a good resource for building links.