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July 22, 2008

Link Building

Link building is nothing but the process of getting links from other domains to your website, in order to improve the search engine ranking of your website.

As SEO's we all know the importance of links, link building, and the quality of inbound links (links coming from other websites to your website) and outbound links (links going to the third party websites). As per Google it's very important to have websites linking back to your websites. Google considers this inbound link as a vote to the website, and strictly measures the quality of the inbound link. It's the quality of inbound links which matter the most, rather than the quantity.

There are many ways to get the link backs to your website. It may include Directory Submission, Article Submission, Press Releases, Distributing White Papers online, Reciprocal Linking, One Way and Three Way link building. Before that, we should consider important aspects of link building.

Important Aspects of Link Building

1. Anchor Text

Anchor Text plays a major role in the website's ranking in SERP's and is the text which is hyperlinked, i.e. the text which leads to the other website, or a different URL in or outside the website.

In order to get wider coverage, we can work with different link text options. If you have more number of quality links pointing to your website, the keywords within your anchor text would benefit your website’s ranking greatly for those particular keywords. The web page of your site that the link is pointing to should also be optimized for that keyword(s) in order to properly influence rankings.

2. Direct Traffic

Link building is a great source of driving traffic to your websites. The links placed on relevant pages enhances the chance that a user can click on the link and visit your website, and may become your potential customer.

3. PageRank

Page rank is the Google's criteria of giving importance to the page. It mainly depends on the quality of the page, i.e. the content and another important factor is inbound links to your website. Thus the quality of links pointing to your website matters the most. In this way the page rank of your website will be increased, and you will have more visibility, though page rank has nothing to do with the website showing up for the specific search query entered by the user.

4. Deep Indexing

As the name suggest, the webpages embedded deep in your website stand a good chance to be indexed by Google.

While indexing a page, search engines would also index the links leading from that page even if they are embedded very deep in your site structure. Search engines while indexing that particular page would also learn about the other links within your website and move on to index other pages too.

5. Indexing Dynamic Pages

It's kind of difficult task for search engines to index the dynamic pages. But through link building techengines would index those dynamic pages too. Optimizing dynamic pages is little tricky, but you can have your dynamic pages rank well for various keywords with the help of Link Building techniques. A perfect match of Only Incoming Links and keywords in the Anchor Text can do wonders to boost the organic ranking of the dynamic pages in your site.

6. Wider Search Engine Coverage

Link Building gives your website wider search engine coverage. In many Search engines you might have not submitted your website, but in due course of time, the search engines will identify and pick up links to your website from other websites they recognize and index your site.

This includes some important paid search engines (such as MSN, Ask) that you may not have submitted your website to them. All search engines do not list your website for free, but would pick a link to your website from other websites they recognise, and eventually list your website in their result pages.

7. Leading Competition

Link Building would also mean that your website stays ahead of your competition for your targeted keywords. More the number of Only Incoming Links pointing to your web pages, higher it gets ranked in the search engine results pages. Using your targeted keyword phrases in the links text would ensure a good ranking for your targeted keywords in the SERPs.

How to obtain the links to your website?

The above points make it very clear about the link building aspects for the website. Here I am about to mention the different ways to obtain the link back to your website(s). So we go as,

The first and the foremost step is to have a website with an informative content, and/or valuable information for the visitors, because otherwise that would be of no interest to the users and the link building will provide no help to the website and for it's popularity.

So, we start of with some basic methods for building links to your website.

  • Directory Submission - Directory Submission is considered as the best way to obtain the link back to the website, if submitted to the good directories. Find the list of 100 Best Directories to submit your website into.

  • Gathering One-Way and/or Reciprocal Links - Asking the webmaster of the other sites to link to your website in terms of reciprocal links, or one way links is also the cool form of obtaning the link back to your website. But one thing should be kept in mind that the number of reciprocal should not be large, as considered as spam by the search engines.

  • Article Submission - Write an article about the services your website is providing, and then distribute it, via, submitting it to the article directories. There are many Article Directories, that provide article to be submitted in their website. There are a large number which provides this feature without signing up for the account and vice-versa. Find the list of the 100 Best Article Directories for article submission.

  • Forum Posting - Forum posting is another form of obtaining the backlink to your website. You can place a link back to your website in the form of placing the link at the signature after posting the question or providing the feedback. Find the list of 100 Best SEO Forums to submit your website into.

  • Press Release Submission - When ever you are coming into new services or the new features you are providing or any news which can be of importance to the users, you can always create the press release, and distribute it via the press release sites. Dont know what a press release is, then read How to write Press Release?.

  • Social Media Bookmarking - Bookmarking is considered as the most important way of obaining a back link and moreover to draw the targeted traffic to your website.
There are a many more ways other than these basic ways to obtain the backlink to your website. But these are considered as the most important ones and moreover to draw the targeted traffic to your website.

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Link building is the most important part of SEO.

Suggest me more methods if you know any more other than the list provided here in The SEO Blog