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November 02, 2009

Googles Major PageRank Update

If you are wondering about the PageRank fluctuation for your website or blog, then don't worry. Google issued the major PageRank update to the websites and blogs recently.

There would be some ups and some downs. But there is no need to worry, if there is a drop down in the pagerank for your website. More about this in Google eliminates pagerank from webmaster tools

Google has already informed about the importance of PageRank in their article - Google removes pagerank from webmaster tools. Google considers more than 200 factors when it comes to the ranking of the website, and as such considering the pagerank in order to check the matrices of the website is not correct. In fact to check the website matrix, Google recommends the use of its web analytics tool - Google Analytics

This is the last pagerank update for the year 2009, and the next is expected to be after 3 to 4 months, i.e. next year by Mar_10.


The following things can be considered from the Google PageRank update,

  • Don't focus only on the PageRank as the only criterion for the website success.
  • Check for the quality of the website, which includes from design to the internal linking structure, to link building.
  • Try to check the website's standing in the web search result.
  • Use Google Analytics in order to check the website's matrix.
  • And last but not the least read How to SEO