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August 21, 2009

How To SEO

The post highlights some of the various SEO Techniques, which are helpful in optimizing the website, and getting higher rank, including some of the technical aspects for Search Engine Optimization.

I have created this post for the sole aim of helping the fellow readers. Hope it was of assistance to you.

The Complete 'How To SEO' List in The SEO Concepts Blog


How to Optimize Website for Google?
Google always promises to show the accurate results for the search query by the user. It does so by maintaining the following set of guidelines which further helps Google in finding, indexing and ranking the website.
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How to Optimize Website for Yahoo?
As we are aware that Yahoo Search Engine is the second major search engine after Google, covering nearly 20% (approximately) of the online traffic. So as such it becomes necessary to know what all to consider for the optimization of the website in Yahoo, and how to get your website in the top results in Yahoo Search Engine Listings.
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How to Optimize Website for BING?
Many webmasters ignore optimizing their website for MSN (BING). Even though if you optimize your website for Google, it will automatically show off the results in MSN and Yahoo, but still they have their own indexing process, and as such optimizing the website for them (search engines) would be of great significant importance to the websites.
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How to Optimize for Singular and Plural Keywords?
When it comes to optimizing the webpage for a singular and a plural keyword, it becomes difficult to do the same. There are techniques which can be applied to achieve the desired optimization of the page, like creating two pages, one for a singular keyword and other for the plural one.
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How to Optimize Dynamic Websites?
A Dynamic Website is a database driven website in which part of the content is generated by Server Side Programs. Unlike a static page, a dynamic page does not exists as a file on a hosting server, until the request comes for a page.
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How to Customize Your Search Results with Google Search Wikki?
Google launched a very customizable tool which will help the users to store the search results as per their relevance, but you need to be signed in order to see the customizable search results. Now customize the search results, by adding, re-ordering, removing or commenting on them. The Google's Search Wiki is a great way to share your insights with others, by clicking on the "See all notes for this SearchWiki" link, you will be able to see the search insights by all the searchers.
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How to Drive More Traffic Towards Your Website?
These days it's a race to get or increase more traffic towards the website. Increasing the traffic towards the website in simple terms means more visitors and more frequent visitors for your site.
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How to Use Images as a Source for Driving Traffic Towards Website?
Did you ever thought that images can also contribute to traffic towards your website, and that too well targeted one. Now the question comes into mind is how can images worth of providing traffic to the website.
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How to Promote Your Business via Web 2.0?
Web 2.0 is a very effective platform, which enables users to create, modify and share the information via the world wide web. Web 2.0 or Social Media has lot of significance and can be used to promote your business very effectively.
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How to Improve Bounce Rate?
Simply speaking, BOUNCE RATE is defined as the percentage of the website visitors who arrive at an entry page of the website, and then leave without visiting the other pages of the site.
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How to Create Local Business Listing in Google?
Google Local Business Center, is an excellent way to promote your business for free, in Google Search Engine. As we all know that Google covers nearly 70% of the online traffic, so majority of the searches leads to Google search engine only, and it's obvious to have a local business listing in Google. Click here to create your listing in Google's Local Business Center.
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How to Create Local Business Listing in Yahoo?
Yahoo Local Business Listing, is the paid form of listing the businesses locally. Yahoo charges nearly $10 for every listing.
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How to Create Local Business Listing in BING?
Live Search Local, is the way to display the information to the user searching for a specific business(es) near by to his/her place. It's an effective way, for the businesses to display the information about their product/services to the users.
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How to Verify Website in Google?
Everyone just wants to see their website on the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN. But I have noticed that the many of the websites lack Google, Yahoo verification, which is considered as the most important and useful tool for webmasters, to tell about your website to these search engine spiders, and to maintain the website as per the guidelines maintained in the Google and Yahoo Webmaster Tools. Website Verification is a must for ever website.
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How to Verify Website in Yahoo?
Website Verification, is a must for every website. This is a cool way to let the search engine spiders know what your website is! and what should you as a webmaster do to make it more search engine friendly.
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How to Verify Website in Bing?
So, far we have come to know about the process of Google Website Verification and Yahoo Website Verification. Now let us see what does MSN Website Verification means.
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How to Create Sitemaps?
A Sitemap is a page which consists of the organized listings of the links of a website. The HTML version is for the site's navigation structure for the human use, while the XML Sitemaps are used to communicate to the search engine spiders.
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How to Check Competitor's Traffic?
Driving traffic towards your website is the major source of getting Online Business. Not only that you get lot more benefits and online marketing if the visitor comes and do some business online. You get a lot of publicity online, including the enhancement of your brand, via that traffic.
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How to Write Press Release?
Press Releases are the newsworthy articles that are intended to be published in the media for the purpose of showcasing the company's activities to the public. In other words, a press release is a news story, written in third person, for the purpose of announcing information which claims to have some news value and to demonstrate it's worthiness to the person, event, service or product.
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How to Create a Custom 404 Error Page?
The 404 Error Page or typically speaking the "PAGE NOT FOUND" error message is an HTTP standard response code, which indicates that the user was able to communicate to the server, but either the server could not find what was requested, or it was configured not to fulfill the request.
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How to Redirect a Web Page Using 301 Redirect?

A 301 redirect is a term/process to move your domain to another domain. The 301 - redirect is referred to as a permanent redirect. It is a Search Engine Friendly method and retains your visitors and rankings without causing any harm to your ranking or website. In simple terms it directs the web traffic from one web address to another, without any intermediate web pages.
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How to Create Tables in Blogger?
Almost everyone has a blog, and does post regularly. But when it comes to creating tables in the blog (especially blogger) then one faces lot of problems. There are the following things which comes in picture while creating a table in a blog.
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How to Submit Sitemap for BLOGGER.COM?
The sitemap is the most important way to inform the search engines about your website. And what a better way you can get if you can just inform the search engines that these are the important pages in my website.
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How to Install a Blogger Template?
A nice easy and a structured way to install a Blogger XML Template. I found it to be quite easy. There is no additional programming skills required. Just go for it.
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How to Report a Spam Result to Google?
What will be the result if your hard work goes in vain? Your content is being copied and you feel helpless as to what as of know could be done. There might be 100 questions in your mind like,
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How to Report a Spam Result to Yahoo?
As like Google, Yahoo also protects the integrity of it's users data, and helps them to report spam results if they find.
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How to Report a Spam Result to Bing?
There are basically two ways to report a spam result to Bing, Feedback (Home Page) & Submitting Form.
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The more is yet to come, so keep reading.

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