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November 22, 2008

10 Ways to Promote your Business via Web 2.0 Techniques

Web 2.0 is a very effective platform, which enables users to create, modify and share the information via the world wide web. Web 2.0 or Social Media has lot of significance and can be used to promote your business very effectively.

  1. Social Bookmarking - Starting from DIGGING your content to the the social networking websites like Digg, and Technorati which provides an excellent way to distribute your content on the world wide web. This provides a terrific way to promote your website.

  2. Content Syndication - Create an informative article, and then distribute it via RSS. It provides an effective way to attract visitors every time you syndicate it.

  3. Article Creation - Create informative article and then distribute them to the websites which accepts articles.

  4. Press Release Submission - Submitting Press Releases to the websites allows you to promote your business, get more visibility, more traffic and backlink. There are a lot of press release websites which publish the press releases of no charge.

  5. Classifieds - Use free classifieds where you can submit your URL. Here is the list of the same,

  6. Join Social Communities - Social Communities like MySpace, FaceBook etc provides a lot of exposure to your business. Create a social community by joining any of the social site, and make friends i.e., your target audience.

  7. Take Part in Yahoo Answers - Ask questions or answer to the questions based on the relevant specific category of your business, in Yahoo Answers. Provide a link to your website either in your profile or in the answers.

  8. Forum Posting - Search for relevant forums for your business. Sign Up and then start taking part in the discussions or answer to the questions already on the forum. Make your signature, and then place a link to your website into it.

  9. Blog Posting - Creating a blog for your corporate website, provides a tremendous exposure to your business. Moreover, find relevant blogs to your website, and comment on them.

  10. An Aricle in Wikipedia - Create an article in wikipedia about your business.

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Anonymous said...

Great posting....As search engines started people weren’t hoping that search engines will become the way of marketing even website promotion was not the term among the people but by and by search engines become popular and important part of internet marketing