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September 09, 2008

5 Basic Things Required while Developing your Website

We all talk about Website Optimization, Internet Marketing and/or Search Engine Optimization. But it's always beneficial to start it from the very beginning when you are developing your website. They say, that the

"Foundation to be strong, then the building will automatically be strong" - by Unknown.

Proceeding in the similar fashion, I have listed 5 important things to be considered for Optimization of websites.

1) DOMAIN NAME: The first and the foremost thing to be considered for the optimization of the website is the domain name. The Domain name should highlight the name and the theme of the business. It's always good to have the business specific keywords in the domain. That is not necessary but from SEO point of view it's recommended.

2) KEYWORDS FINALIZATION: Choose business specific keywords. They should completely go in accordance with the business and should portray exact information about the business. The relevant keywords are the major source of information for the search engine spiders and tell about the concept of the page to search engine bots.

3) META TAGS DEVELOPMENT: Use proper keywords in the Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords. The relevant meta tags provide the information to the search engine bots, and therefore helpful in crawling, the website and getting relevant traffic to the website.

4) ANCHOR TEXTS: Anchor texts are the most important text-links which provides connectivity to the website. Anchor text has it's relevant importance in the search engine listings and provide a valuable source for the page content. Put anchor text at the appropriate places on the webpage, but to keep in mind that there should not be too many anchor texts, as to be considered SPM by Google.

5) FOOTER LINKS: Footer links should also be considered as the major SEO consideration for the optimization of the website.

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