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December 20, 2007

Back Link Theory

Backlinks are the links in different websites that direct the visitors automatically to the web directory if they click on them. Backlinks decide the ranking of your page or website based on its quality and its quantity. Backlinks basically mean the number of web pages linked to your personal website. This increases the hit rates of your site and hence the popularity.

How to use BackLinks effectively?

There are few ways by which backlinks can be used effectively, for the promotion and increasing the rank of the website,

  • Manage to have a backlink from the website which themselves have pertinent backlinks.
  • Create articles and if the quality is good then others will borrow it. The article will consist of the link to your site and hence a Backlink. This is an easy way to get a backlink.
  • Become a member of industry related forum and interact with the members. Then submit your posts and give a link to your website.
  • Start submitting your article to different web-directories.
  • Exchange links with the relevant sites.
  • Another way is to create blog post and distribute the content with the help of RSS feeds that allow others to display your content on them with a backlink to your site.
  • Buy text links.

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