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October 13, 2008

Black Hat SEO

These techniques, i.e., the Black Hat SEO, is a process to gain higher search engine rankings in an unethical manner.

What represents Black Hat SEO?
The following may represent the Black Hat SEO,
  • Breaking Search Engine's Algorithms
  • Cloaking - Presenting the web content in a different manner to search engine spiders and to the search engine users.
  • Creating Doorway Pages - Doorway pages are the pages, that are specifically designed for the search engine spiders. Users can never see those pages. These are meant for the better chance of indexing the site.
  • Keyword Stuffing - Stuffing lot of keywords as per your business is considered as Spam by search engine spiders, and leads to penalization of the website.
  • Invisible Text - This means putting keywords in the same color as that of the background of the site. That's not at all a good technique.
  • Interlinking - Creating many websites for the same topic, and then interlinking them in order to increase their relevancy and altogether search engine rankings.
  • Spam Page - A spam page is a door way page that is full of ads.
Black Hat SEO, is a short-sighted solution to a long term problem. Black Hat SEO techniques, do provide the higher rankings in a short period of time, but it's for the short - term gains, once discovered by the search engine spiders, that a site is using Black Hat SEO, there are chances that your site be penalized, and be out of the search engine rankings.

Avoid the Black Hat techniques, even though they provide short cuts, but for a promising rankings always do believe in the Organic SEO Techniques, even though it's time consuming. But once your site is being recognized by the search engines, it will lay out fruits for you.

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