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October 14, 2008

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO, refers to the ethical or organic SEO practices followed in order to increase the search engine rankings. It's just contrary to the Black Hat SEO. In simple terms anti to the Black Hat SEO techniques.

There is no fear of site being penalized if it is optimized via organic ways, viz, the search engines guidelines.

Some White Hat SEO Techniques!

Internal Linking - Internal Linking is one of the best way to provide your site a better visibility not only to the search engine spiders but also to the search engine users. Always do need to mention the internal pages of your site, with the deep links of your site on the main page. Better to use a Sitemap for it, showing the important pages of the site.

Reciprocal Links - Exchange links with other websites, that is a nice way to gain other links coming to your website and thus acting as a vote to your website. Always remember to gain link advantage from the quality inbound links, of the linking site, and the other thing to be considered is the relevancy of the link.

Writing - You have a business, it's always better to write an article, or do some forum posts or leave comments in order to gain the advantage of the links.

Remember it's just a practice not any algorithm, which can be manipulated.

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