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June 28, 2008

Website Verification

Everyone just wants to see their website on the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN. But I have noticed that the many of the websites lack Google, Yahoo verification, which is considered as the most important and useful tool for webmasters, to tell about your website to these search engine spiders, and to maintain the website as per the guidelines maintained in the Google and Yahoo Webmaster Tools. Website Verification is a must for ever website.

I am talking about the website submission to Google and Yahoo, only as they cover the major share of the online space, with Google being the king covering a whopping 70%, with yahoo covering less than 20%, and other follows after that, with their minor share of online space.

Website Verification - Google

The first step in google website verification is signing up with your google account, and/or create a new account if you don't have. Click here for signing in to Google Webmaster Tools

This is the screen shot of how it looks, I am using my account for information.

Something like this the sign in screen looks,

After signing, in you will be taken to the dashboard of Google Webmaster Tools, where there is a button saying, "ADD SITE" where the webmaster needs to add the information/URL of the website. Something like this..

I am adding my blog http://tusharvickkie.blogspot.com for example, a user can add their website(s) in the same way.

After adding your website, the Overview tab will be displayed

The Overview tab displays the information about the URL of the website, with the section asking for Website Verification.

The overview tab also displays the Indexing Status, indicating the Home Page Crawl and Index Status.

The next step is the most important step, which leads to the main stay of the entire process, i.e. Website Verification. It displays the following page, indicating the Website Verification Status as NOT VERIFIED

Now the user has to Choose from the available two options for the Website Verification,

1) Either, add a META tag, or
2) Upload an HTML tag.

Here I choose to upload the Meta Tag which says something like in fig,

But, if you choose to upload an HTML file, then upload the file googlec787e81b3e504673.html to the website, so that can view http://www.tusharvickkie.blogspot.com/googlec787e81b3e504673.html in the browser.

Once any of the above two verification methods is done, then press the verification button, the following screen will be displayed indicating a Tick Mark under the Verification tab, showing that the website is verified and now you will start getting updates as to how your website is performing in the google serch engine.

Now, the other thing is to add the sitemap, to give the spiders the fresh access to the content of your website. If you click to the "Add Sitemap" then the following screen is displayed

Here we have an option to select the Sitemaps as per the requirement. There are basically 5 Sitemaps to choose from;

1) A General Web Sitemap
2) A Moblie Sitemap
3) Code Search Sitemap
4) Geo Sitemap
5) Video Sitemap

You will be taken to the following screen,

After uploading the sitemap, add the url of the sitemap and then click the tab specified as "Add General Sitemap" and it's done. You will start receiving the updates and errors on to your website and suggestions for making it a GOOGLE FRIENDLY WEBSITE.

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mark gallagher said...

im using yahoo site builder to make sight. had it for years and am happy with the look. but i can not understand the google verification thing. I have tryed incerting the meg tag and the http code. caint understand either and google wont verify. please help.