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September 19, 2008

How to check the Competitor's Traffic?

Driving traffic towards your website is the major source of getting Online Business. Not only that you get lot more benefits and online marketing if the visitor comes and do some business online. You get a lot of publicity online, including the enhancement of your brand, via that traffic.

But it looks weird if your website is new(in some cases) or even though it's old but you are not able to achieve the desired traffic and/or business. So from where the competitors are getting traffic, and how to analyze that traffic. The answer to this lies in the question being put below.

How to know from where your Competitor's are getting the traffic?

There are a lot of Online Traffic Estimators, which help in analyzing the,

These Traffic Estimators, estimate the monthly traffic of a site (only U.S. traffic).

Now try these traffic estimators and see what numbers you get. As the searchs shows the traffic estimates for US only, so you can take the following to estimate the traffic to your website,

If your site shows 1,000 hits in compete.com and you actually get 2,000; then simply double the estimate that compete.com gives for your competition.

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Victor said...

This blog of yours is educative and eye-opening. Keep up a good work


Increase Website Traffic said...

Good information thanks for the article really a eye-opener

Forex Software in India said...

Thanks for sharing this piece of informative news. Is there a way i can subscribe to your blog.

Anonymous said...

My personal favourite traffic estimation website is
www.estimix.com . It seems to generate very accurate traffic information.