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December 11, 2008

Myths About SEO

When we come to Search Engine Optimization, there are a lot many things we encounter. A lot many questions are there in the persons mind, and they believe in that way. There are a lot many things which have misconceptions in the persons mind regarding SEO. I am going to list about SEO Myths.

Myths About SEO

  • Meta Tags For High Ranking
  • Keyword Density Is Everything
  • Redesigning Of Website Is Not Required
  • Linking A Lot To Get High Ranking
  • Rank Increases If The Multiple Domain Names Point To The Same Site
  • Submitting Url To The Search Engines Increases Ranking
  • Top Rankings Claimed By SEO Firms
  • Permanent Search Engine Positions
  • Stop SEO Once You Are On The Top Position
  • Stuffing Keywords In The Meta Tags Will Show Your Site For That Keyword
  • Stuffing Keywords In The Content Will Rank The Page High

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