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December 07, 2008

SEO Design Mistakes

Continuing from the SEO mistakes, I wanted to list out some of the other design related SEO Mistakes, which are very common. To suggest some of them,

SEO Design Mistakes

1) Design the site and then Optimize
There is a common belief that while designing the website, SEO is considered as a second thought and is given the least priority while website development. But it's not the same. SEO should go on by the time the site is being developed. The site architecture should be based on what the target users search for.

2) Bad/Un-Attractive Design
Researches predict that there is only 3 seconds for your website to speak about the website and that visitors have only 3-5 seconds to decide weather to stay on the site or cross over to the other. In all that the designing of the website becomes very important factor to decide fate of the business.

3) Poor Content
Content is the another important factor for the ranking of your website. Search Engines always focus to the content and for the theme related keywords, on the page.

4) Contact Information
The contact information should be easily available to the users. It should not be hidden in some internal page where a user has to digg into it. The contact information should be easily accessible to the visitors.

5) Navigation & Internal Linking of the Site
The navigation of the site should be very clear and meaningful. The visitors should find a proper link to get back to the home page or the particular page if he is on the inner category of the site. There should be well focused internal linking of the website.

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