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December 20, 2008

SEO Tutorials

Search Engine Optimization is the part of every successful business. Optimization of the site is required to,
  • Rank up for the keywords in the search results,
  • Follow the SEO Guidelines laid by the Search Engines,
  • Get more traffic, viz, the business to your website.
Then why not to start learning SEO, and start optimizing the website. In this post I have listed some of the important resources for learning SEO.

Important Resources for SEO Tutorials,

Google Search Engine Optimization Guide
Google has recently launched the search engine optimization starter guide for beginners. It lists all the basic elements required for the optimization of the website. Find the link to download the Google's Search Engine Starter Guide.

The Search Engine Starter Guide is specially designed for the beginners, and is indeed very very helpful, for considering the basic steps required for optimization.

Google's Search Engine Optimization Report Features
The following are the key highlights of the report,
  1. Creating Unique and Accurate Page Titles
  2. Using proper Meta Tags to describe accurately the content of the page
  3. Improving the URL Structure of the webpage
  4. Make your site easier to navigate
  5. Offer Quality Content & Services
  6. Write better Anchor Text
  7. Use Header Tags appropriately
  8. Optimize use of your images
  9. Make effective use of robots.txt
  10. Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
  11. Promote your website in right ways
  12. Make use of free Webmaster Tools
  13. Take advantage of Web Analytics Service
  14. Helpful resources for Webmasters
Read more about the Google's Search Engine Starter Guide for Beginner's

WebConfs - SEO Tutorials

The SEO Tutorial by WebConfs, provides the well structured, and covers the SEO basics. The tutorial covers the complete elementary stuff required to learn the SEO, by beginners. The tutorial covers the following topic details
  1. Introduction – What Is SEO
    • How Search Engines Work
    • Differences Between the Major Search Engines

  2. Keywords – the Most Important Item in SEO
    • Choosing the Right Keywords to Optimize For
    • Keyword Density
    • Keywords in Special Places
    • Keywords in URLs and File Names
    • Keywords in Page Titles
    • Keywords in Headings

  3. Links – Another Important SEO Item
    • Why Links Are Important
    • Inbound and Outbound Links
    • Anchor text
    • Link Practices That Are To Be Avoided

  4. Metatags

  5. Content Is King
    • Topical Themes or How to Frequently Add Content to Your Site
    • Bold and Italic Text
    • Duplicate Content

  6. Visual Extras and SEO
    • Images
    • Animation and Movies
    • Frames
    • JavaScript

  7. Static Versus Dynamic URLs

  8. Promoting Your Site to Increase Traffic
    • Submitting Your Site to Search Directories, forums and special sites
    • Specialized Search Engines
    • Paid Ads and Submissions

SEO Tutorials - SEO Administrator
The SEO Tutorial give by the SEO Administrator, also lists the minutest details for the inn's and out's of SEO. Starting from the history of the search engines, starting from the history of the search engines, to common priniciples, to the detailed SEO Process, even including the SEO Software reviews, they have listed almost everything. Their list includes the following,
  1. General SEO information
  2. Internal ranking factors
  3. External ranking factors
  4. Indexing a site
  5. Choosing keywords
  6. Miscellaneous information on search engines
  7. SEO software review

So it's better to start optimizing the website right now, if not done so far.

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ReputationManagementConsultants.com said...

These are definitely great resources for SEO. Some others that I can recommend are SEOmoz, SEO Book and SEO Journal.