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December 10, 2008

The Keyword Lesson

What is a Keyword?
We do a lot of searched on the web, i.e. on the Search Engines and the Web Directories. And type some word based on our search query and are displayed with the matches related to the search term. That search term or the search query or the word which is used to gather information from the world wide web via search engines is a Keyword.

A Keyword is a word or phrase entered into a search engine or directories to gather the information from the databases present in the search engines, relevant to that particular keyword. Keyword forms the search engine query.

There are a many important factors which should be considered while optimizing the website. In all that the major role is played by the keywords. Terms like Keyword Density, Keyword Frequency, Keyword Prominence, and Keyword Proximity plays an important role in the ranking of the website. Let us analyze what they mean and their SEO relevance for the website.

Importance of Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence and Keyword Frequency in the Search Engine Rankings

Keyword Cloud
To start off with, let us see what keyword cloud means. Keyword Cloud is a group of used on a website, keywords having higer density, i.e., the main keywords of the website are depicted in a larger fonts.

Keyword Density

Keyword Density is defined as the percentage of occurrence of the keywords to the text in the rest of your webpage. An optimum of 2-8% should be maintained.

Keyword Frequency

Keyword frequency refers to the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase appears within a web page. The main keyword should be repeated in the webpage, but it should not abuse the system by repeating the same keyword or keyword phrases over and over again.

Keyword Prominence
Prominence's dictionary meaning suggests nearness to something. So Keyword Prominence refers to how prominent keywords are within a web page. The general recommendation is to place important keywords to the top of the page or near, the start of a web page, sentence, TITLE or META tag.

  • If a keyword appears at the beginning of an area, its prominence will be 100%.
  • If a keyword appears in the middle of an area, its prominence will be 50%.
  • If the keyword appears at the beginning of the area, then another repetition appears at the end of the area, the prominence would be 50%.
  • If the keyword appears at the end of the area, prominence would be 0%.

Keyword Proximity
Keyword proximity refers to the closeness between two or more keywords. From SEO point of view, the closer the keywords are, the better.


Proper use of Keywords to get high Search Engine Rankings, or
Proper use of Keywords to get high Rankings in Search Engine

If the user comes and searches for "Search Engine Rankings", then most likely the first website with that title is more likely to come than the other, as the keywords are close to the searched term, and their proximity is high.

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