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January 12, 2009

Google Webmasters Tools Unleashed

Everybody now knows about the Google Webmasters Tools and those who don't it's the way you can let Google know about your website in a much better way, so that Google Bot can index those pages also which were otherwise difficult to.

Anyways I am going to talk in this post about the Google Webmasters Tools and it's features. Before starting anything you need to have your Google Account and in case you don't then please create one for yourself.

The Google Webmasters Tools

Dashboard - This is the first page once you login to your webmasters account. It consists of the following,

A Box - box at the top left which says add your website here

Sites - where it displays the number of websites added to your webmaster account, which further shows the Sitemap and the Verification tab. There is an option also to download the entire data from the webmaster tools.

A Message Center - which displays the messages for the site straight from Google.

Talk to Google - where you can report of spams, paid links, requesting for the reconsideration for your website, and can download the total data for the sites in your webmaster accounts.

Once you have added the site and verified the website in the webmaster tools, you can go ahead and click your website, you will be taken to the following services provided by the Google Webmaster Tools


The overview tab in the dashboard shows the overall picture for the website. It typically consists of

  • Indexing - which shows crawling and the indexing status of the site
  • Web Crawl Errors - which lists the problematic pages of the website


This tab provides Google the information about your site and preferences, which in turn helps to better index and crawl the website. It shows the following

  • Geographic Target - for the country wise target users
  • Preferred Domain - considering the priority for the www and non-www pages, you can set it here which one you want to prefer
  • Image Search - for the image labeler
  • Crawl Rate - the rate by which a site is crawled.


This tab lists the way the Google bot crawls the site. It consists of

  • Web Crawl - See errors and problems encountered by Google's crawlers while accessing pages on your site.
  • Content analysis - See potential problems with site metadata, such as title and meta description information.
  • Mobile crawl - See errors and problems encountered by Google's crawlers while accessing pages on your site created specifically for viewing on mobile cell phones.

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